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Jet Spindles Industry Guide – Medical

This brief 2-page medical guide will provide you will the medical parts, processes and tools recommended, when working with Jet Spindles. Covering the most popular applications, the guide gives you the critical selling points, as well as a comparison to competing technologies, based on installation, setup, runout and pricing details.

Jet Spindle Certified Service Centers

In a new initiative to provide better and quicker service to end-customers we have put in place a service certification program (standards and guidelines) to certify regional Colibri Spindles Certified Service Centers. We have Certified Service Centers in Italy and MN, USA and we are in the process of certifying additional service centers.

NEW – Jet Spindles Presale & Quick Start Guide

This new comprehensive guide provides Colibri Jet Partners with a valuable document to guide the sales personnel through the jet spindle sales process. The guide supports the salesperson in identifying the correct jet spindle for the customers’ application by covering all the possibilities and options that need to be addressed in determining the best jet spindle and operating parameters for the job.

NEW – Jet Spindles Presale Guide

The NEW May 2022 Jet Spindles Presale Guide is our latest official Presale Guide for Colibri Partners. The Presale Guide provides a focused yet comprehensive guide to our jet products family. The Presale Guide, which is very visual, includes an updated working zone chart and recommended tool sizes for various metal groups. Please get in touch with us with your local branding and translation needs.


The Index G220 turning, milling, and grinding center enables Haidlmair to machine precision parts for the FDU hot runner system in a single clamping. The GJET TR counter spindle provides the 3.0 mm nozzle diameter of the pre-chamber bushings is precision-ground within a tolerance range of +0.005 mm with a grinding pin (speed up to 40,000 rpm). Full translated article from xtechnik March 2022 publication. The GJET TR is referred to as the counter spindle in the article.

Jet Spindle – Cleaning in 4 Simple Steps

We recommend checking and cleaning the coolant nozzles every three months or when you experience a sudden decrease in the performance of the jet spindle.  From our experience, small cut metal chips can find their way through the jet cover into the area of the turbine and high-pressure coolant nozzles. This article will take you through the step-by-step process of cleaning the coolant nozzles.  If you have any questions please contact our technical support team.  All that you need is a 4T Allen key and Loctite #222 adhesive.

Jet Spindle Quick Start

The Jet Spindle Quick Start is a concise document to affect Jet Spindle sales. The document is in the form of a two-sided leaflet PDF where one side provides key point points to review and the other side provides a PDF interactive form to complete, save and share with our Technical Support Team.

Jet Spindle Speeders

Colibri Jet Spindle Speeders provide CNC machines with a cost effect, high precision solution to high speed machining. This article focuses on the unique advantages of our Jet Spindle Speeders, how they bring high precision, ease of use and low costs to this traditionally complex field.

Coolant Driven Spindle Speeder Technology

June 28 – Colibri Spindles is excited to launch our new newsletter to provide partners with insightful helpful information and content that will support their activities in marketing the ColibriJet range of products.


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