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RMN Model

The RMN is a new and extremely shorter spindle model that was developed for compact Dicing machines. It is available in three configurations, 1.2Kw, 1.8Kw, and 2.4Kw motors, all versions fit into the same spindle envelope, forming a unified robust structure with an optimized center of mass and superb dynamic behavior. It is equipped with a new design of an air bearing system with higher stiffness, lower airflow, and a low vibration level through the operating speed range. The spindle configuration includes an integrated shaft lock system and an ON/OFF brush system for a long brush lifetime.


Dicing Spindle RMN Model
Max Speed [KRPM] 60
Motor Power [Kw] 1.2/1.8/2.4
Blade Size Supported 2″, 3″
Radial Load Capacity [N] 120
Axial Load Capacity [N] 240
Radial Stiffness [N/micron] 7.5
Axial Stiffness [N/micron] 10.5
Weight [Kg] 7.3


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