RPM Monitor/Display

Wireless Real-time RPM Monitor

The plug & play Jet Spindle system includes a wireless receiver/display monitor that allows you to see real-time performance of RPMs, for optimized cutting tool conditions according to actual rotational speed on the work piece.

  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency transmission
  • Direct wireless rotation speed monitoring – transmission range up to 10 meters
  • Externally powered receiver display
  • Reads all HSM Jet Spindle units used on a single CNC machine – up to 127!


The HSM Jet Spindle comes equipped with an integral wireless display system. A connection is established between the Jet Spindle’s on-board sensor and the monitor/display unit. Accurate rotational speed of the Jet Spindle is monitored in real-time- transmission range approx. 10 meters.

All Jet Spindles installed on a single machine can be monitored by one receiver. Only the coolant-driven spindle transmits the RPMs, while any other spindles remain in standby mode.

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