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A sales rep’s skill lies in understanding how a specific product or tool is used and when. The HSM Jet Spindle kits give you the opportunity to get that message across loud and clear. Kits provide an excellent means of introducing the HSM Jet Spindle product line and performing live demos.

Kits come in various configurations which include:
• Jet Spindle TJS GJET and/or TJS HPC ER32
• Display Monitor EUR/USA
• Spindle clamping tools/accessories
• High precision spring collets
• Storage containers (For cutting tools, etc.)
• Spindle user manual and technical documents
Full kits also contain:
• ER11 thermal shrinks
• Shrink collet adaptor

Part Description Part Number
HSM GJET / HPC ER32 FULL Kit Suitcase 27-088-130
HSM GJET / HPC ER32 DUO Kit Suitcase 27-080-134
KIT HSM GJET ER32 27-088-154
KIT HSM HPC ER32 27-088-174
Additional adaptor models are available upon request


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