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All HSM Jet Spindle models including the High Pressure, can be paired with the wireless Display Unit, allowing real-time monitoring of spindle rotation speed during machining.

The Spindle body is fitted with a wireless transmitter that sends RPM data to the Display Unit (receiver) mounted outside of the CNC machine for easy viewing.

Part Description Part Number
TJS TSD Display 27-088-009
2.4GHz Sensor Replacement Kit 27-080-102
Parts are sold separately


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  • Display Unit is powered by a 5 VDC universal AC/DC power adapter connected to 220/110 VAC power source.
  • Transmitter is powered by a non-rechargeable CR2 lithium battery that comes with the spindle package.
  • Display Unit can read up to 127 Jet Spindles installed on a single CNC machine. The active spindle is monitored.
  • Display Unit is mounted outside of the CNC machine – spindle transmission distance is approx. 10 M.
  • Refer to the Spindle User Manual for prerequisite Display installation and device pairing instructions.

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