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FRD Model

The FRD spindle model was designed for heavy-duty dicing and singulation applications with high throughput. The FRD model is equipped with a high-power motor, providing enhanced performance and allowing to process of materials at high feed rates. The FRD spindle is the perfect spindle choice for PCB & QFN package singulation tasks. In addition, the spindle is used extensively for the dicing of semi-hard materials and thick substrates.

Dicing Spindle FRD Model
Max Speed [KRPM] 60
Motor Power [Kw] 2.4
Blade Size Supported 2″,3″
Radial Load Capacity [N] 120
Axial Load Capacity [N] 130
Radial Stiffness [N/micron] 7
Axial Stiffness [N/micron] 8
Weight [Kg] 7.5


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