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Global Partners

Sales & Support

Oren Efrati
Dicing Spindles PM
VP of Engineering

Tel.  +972 4 9089109

Jacob Sharir
CS & Logistics Manager

Tel. +972 4 9089122

Eyal Yashtzin
Jet Spindles PM

Tel. +972 4 9089111

Marco Biscuoli
Technical Support Manager
Jet Spindles

Tel. +393355792771

Thomaz Franco
Brazil Account Manager
Jet Spindles

Tel. +55 11 98175-2511

Gaurav Sarkar
India Account Manager
Jet Spindles

Tel. +91 9038609484


Colibri Spindles Ltd.
Lavon Industrial Park
2011800, Israel
Tel: +972 4 9089102
Fax: +972 4 9589061

For Marketing:
[email protected]

For Customer Service:
[email protected]

For Applications Inquires:
[email protected]


Contact Us

The HSM Jet Spindle is hard at work increasing productivity and profits in metalworking factories worldwide.
Contact us for further information about how our high-speed coolant-driven spindle technology can help you.

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