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BOH Model

The BOH spindle model supports various ranges of dicing applications, such as ICs, Si & GaAs wafers, ceramics, optoelectronic components, LEDs, medical sensors, PZT, and the like. This spindle was designed to deliver optimal performance at high spindle speed while maintaining exceptional stiffness and accuracy. When cut quality becomes a major process consideration, the BOH will be the most suitable spindle choice.

Dicing Spindle BOH Model
Max Speed [KRPM] 60
Motor Power [Kw] 1.2
Blade Size Supported 2″, 3″
Radial Load Capacity [N] 120
Axial Load Capacity [N] 130
Radial Stiffness [N/micron] 7
Axial Stiffness [N/micron] 8
Weight [Kg] 6.5


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