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SHA-B Model

The SHA-B spindle model was developed for heavy-duty package singulation applications with extremely high throughput and a large blade diameter. The SHA-B provides significantly higher rotor stiffness and load capacity as compared with the smaller spindles in the Colibri product family and is especially suitable for processing BGA, QFN, LTCC, and similar materials at high feed rates.

Dicing Spindle SHA-B Model
Max Speed [KRPM] 30
Motor Power [Kw] 2.5
Blade Size Supported 3″, 4″
Radial Load Capacity [N] 260
Axial Load Capacity [N] 490
Radial Stiffness [N/micron] 12
Axial Stiffness [N/micron] 26
Weight [Kg] 15


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