All HSM Jet Spindle models are supported by specially designed tools and accessories to ensure high accuracy at high speeds.

Standard clamping accessories may not always be sufficient for best performance at higher RPMs.

Tools & Accessories Description P/N
ER 11 GHS Tightening Nut 27-188-054
ER 11 SMS Wrench 27-188-053
Shaft Lock Flat Key 27-188-206
Thermal Shrink Collets:
ER11 SRK 3X10 27-088-011
ER11 SRK 4X10 27-088-012
ER11 SRK 3X25 27-088-013
ER11 SRK 4X25 27-088-014
High Precision Spring Collets:
ER11 SPR 2-3 AA 27-088-002
ER11 SPR 3-4 AA 27-088-003
ER11 SPR 4-5 AA 27-088-004
ER11 SPR 5-6 AA 27-088-005
Shrink Collet Fixture Assembly 2430-060
Display Unit, sold separately 27-088-009
CR2 3V Lithium Battery (non-rechargeable)
Sold separately


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