See the coolant-powered HSM Jet Spindle models in action. Showing you a wide range of live machining applications using small cutting tools for: Milling Profiling, Slot Milling, Drilling, Chamfering, Deburring, Engraving, Internal Thread Milling, Grinding & More. Videos showcase HSM Jet Spindle models used on both Milling Machines and Lathes in a variety of working conditions.

Machine vs Jet Spindle 2019

11 MACHINING APPLICATIONS! HSM Jet Spindles: milling, drilling, peck drilling, thread milling, engraving & more. HPC (High Pressure Coolant) Jet Spindle / GREEN High Speed Jet Spindle - proven to significantly cut machining time compared to standard machine spindle.


IDEALLY TOOL FOR DRILLING IN DIFFICULT-TO-REACH PLACES. Offering speeds from 35,000 to 50,000 rpm while the main machine spindle remains idle.


The HSM GreenJET Spindle and the HPC Jet (High Pressure Coolant) model are suited to both VDI & BMT holders + custom holder design available. Turn / Milling Holders: C3, C5, C6. Swiss Type: Ø22 mm, with coolant through tool. Trochoidal/Milling/Turning: All Jet Spindle models.

The JET SPINDLE revolution: Converting CNC machine to high speed

The cutting-edge high-speed Jet Spindle (Trade names SPINJET / Typhoon) is specifically designed to meet the needs of CNC machines operators saving time and money. Its proven ease of use, high precision and ability to drastically reduce machine time, makes the Jet Spindle and ideal efficiency tool for the machining industry.

HPC Jet Spindle Angle Head

SERIOUS COOLANT POWER - ANGLE HEAD fixed 90 degrees for the HPC Jet Spindle (High Pressure Coolant) model - image running at 70 bar.


SO MUCH TO LEARN - Live demos, discussions, new processes and more from the COLIBRI SPINDLES UK SEMINAR with TAEGUTEC at NORJON ENGINEERS.

MTD CNC LIVE VIDEO - The Latest Technology at the Swarf&Chips Show

Showcasing the HPC (high Pressure Coolant) HSM Jet Spindle and the new GreenJET HSM Jet Spindle, performing in an awesome machining demo + great tips and discussion with Oren Harpaz.

Fluid driven HSM Jet Spindle - special mounting

Informative ANIMATED VIDEO showing how the fluid driven HSM Jet Spindle actually works - produced by INDEX TRAUB.

Iscar shows how CNC machines can become profitable & competitive

By combining Iscar's SPINJET high-speed coolant-driven spindle with SolidCAM's iMachining revolutionary CAM module, manufacturers the world over can benefit from much lower machining time and dramatically extended tool life.

Simultaneous High Speed Drilling

Bronze Air Bearings: Two HSM Jet Spindles performing simultaneous drilling operation with high speed pecks on a Nakamura Tome WY-250 L . Wireless real-time display monitor shows RPMs for both spindles working simultaneously.

Colibri-EWS Jet Spindle - Lathe Machine

HSM Jet Spindle - Milling application on Lathe Machine by EWS - mounted on turret as active live tool.

HSM Jet Spindle Comparison

Milling Profiling Operation. HSM Jet Spindle vs Machine Spindle: Cutting Time, Profitability, Optimal Cutting Diameters.

HSM Jet Spindles Precision Milling & Drilling

Fast , accurate, optimal cutting conditions and big time savings for milling and drilling operations.


HSM Jet Spindle as standard machine tool - easily mounted on the ATC (Automatic Tool Changer).

Producing Model Car Okuma

High-speed coolant-driven SPINJET featured in Model Car Video by Okuma MB-4000H - Horizontal Machining Center.

HSM Jet Spindle Slotting-Shouldering

Slot and Shouldering Milling application for large diameter slitting cutters.

Increase Productivity - Now you can see the change!

If you want to increase productivity in your business, and who doesn’t, then don’t get caught short like our friend John in this video. In today’s CNC machine shop environment there’s no status quo, you either leap forward or get left behind.

Fine Cleaning Operation

Die and Mold applications: HSM Jet Spindle

Drilling Application

EWS SPINJET: 50,000 1/min. on a turn/mill machine.

Accelerated Machining

Tungaloy presents the SPINJET in operation - Step By Step…But Fast!

SPINJET - Integral Part of the EWS Process

Colibri's SPINJET HSM Jet Spindle is an integral part of the complete EWS Tool Technologies process, as shown here demonstrating finishing operations.

Football Logo Finishing

American Football programmed with Delcam PowerMILL CAM software. Aluminium with Toyoda 5 axis machine. 3D offset toolpath with .032 dia cutter mounted in a Typhoon HSM Jet Spindle using thru spindle coolant 36,000 RPM 400 IPM.

DemoMetal 2016

SPINJET/Typhoon for 3D milling and engraving application on a forged tool steel die insert using a Hyundai-WIA - HS5000. Watch the 'quick change' spindles at the end.

High Speed Engraving

Commemorative magnet for the Morris Madness Event at Okuma's Chicago Tech Center cut on a GENOS M560-V, using Colibri's coolant-driven HSM Jet Spindle (SPINJET).

SPINJET on the HAAS VF 3ss

Sales Engineers at the HAAS Tech Center in Turkey getting a live demonstration of what the HSM Jet Spindle (SPINJET) can do. It was all part of a very successful training seminar that brought HAAS professionals together from all over Turkey to learn more about the SPINJET technology and applications.

JETiger High Pressure Coolant Driven Jet Spindle

Demonstration of the JETiger with RPM monitor display on a Haas VF-3ss. More Speed + More Torque.


The HSM Jet Spindle (SPINJET) won the INNOVATIVE TOOL AWARD at the recent SIMODEC 2016: International Bar Turning Machine Tool Show, in France. The SPINJET was presented by Iscar France. Terrific interview video with Mr. Luzi Luzietoso, Product Manager for Turning & Drilling at Iscar France.

Norjon Engineers Wowed by Typhoon Jet Spindle!

High-end machines and premium tooling typify operations at Norjon UK. Here's a terrific video by MTDCNC showcasing Norjon's use of Colibri's unique coolant-driven high speed Jet Spindle (trade name TYPHOON) sold in the UK by TaeguTec. They call it a game changer!

High Speed + High Pressure Spindle Review

A great independent review of Colibri’s HSM Jet Spindle and NEW HPC (High Pressure Coolant) spindle model - video by MTDCNC Studios.

MTDTV TechCorner - Typhoon

Showcasing The Coolant Driven High Speed Jet Spindle (Trade Name Typhoon). Great at CLEARING CHIPS + HUGE TIME SAVINGS in semi-finishing and finishing operations using small diameter tools.


Colibri’s High Pressure Coolant Jet Spindle model, was run through the paces at Hermle AG in Germany, on a C-32U machining center. A preliminary comparison was made between the original machine spindle (18,000 RPM) and the HPC Jet Spindle (40,000 RPM) at 55bar coolant pressure. The test part was tool steel and machining applications included both shoulder and face milling.


You're actually watching the High Pressure Coolant (HPC) driven Jet Spindle machining a part for another HPC Jet Spindle: 1,800 mm/min feed rate, spindle speed 27,000 RPMs.

New HPC Jet Spindle Machining Turbine

New HPC Jet Spindle: High Pressure / High Speed spindle speed increaser machining a turbine made from 303 grade stainless steel with a 1.6 diameter ball nose tool, powered by 35 bar coolant pressure running through the spindle and rotating at 30,000 RPMs.

HSM Jet Spindle Milling-Profiling application2

Optimal chip evacuation from workpiece. Coolant run through Jet Spindle, nozzles not in use.

SPINJET - Milling-Profiling application1

5 axis machine, ball nose. Main spindle stationary. Very high RPMs, up to 50,000. Small diameter cutting tools.


HPC (High Pressure Coolant) HSM JET SPINDLE DEMO sponsored by Colibri’s long-standing partner CNC Advanced Technology Turkey, (CNC İleri Teknoloji olarak) providing top level machining solutions to automotive, mold making, aviation, medical and defense industry sectors.

Thread Milling with Helical Interpolation

Thread milling using the HPC Jet Spindle achieves a better thread quality than tapping – the Jet Spindle uses less tools and helps reduce tool wear.


DRIVEN TOOL MOUNTING CONFIGURATIONS. The HSM Jet Spindle and the HPC (High Pressure Coolant) model are suited to both VDI & BMT holders + custom holder design is available – just ask.


The MICRO 90 Jet Spindle, with a solid titanium shell and assembled from only six parts, is built for powerful, accurate work in small and difficult-to-reach spaces.

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