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Colibri’s global alliance partners are among the most respected names in the industry, providing leading technology, tools, equipment and machinery to quality customers worldwide.

      ISCAR is the largest of the 15 companies comprising the IMC Group (International Metalworking Companies), supplying a dynamic comprehensive line of precision carbide metalworking tools. Iscar produces a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide endmills and cutting tools, covering most metal cutting applications. Many innovative products are designed especially to customer requirements for a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace and die & mold production.

      One of the world's leading suppliers of metal removal tooling. Since 1889 they strive to provide the most innovative and productive metal removal solutions on the market. Today, Ingersoll Cutting Tools offer the widest range of milling products in the world and, with close ties to the vast resources of the IMC Group, they provide many exciting innovations to the metal removal process, to help customers stay competitive in a rapidly changing manufacturing market.

      Headquarted in Korea, produces high quality cutting tools, tungsten powder and industrial products. The company supplies products to a network of subsidiaries and distributors in more than 20 major industrialized countries. Among its customers are the automobile, aerospace and many other industries. TaeguTec prides itself in keeping abreast of the latest developments and technical advances in the metalworking and industrial products sectors.

      One of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, with nearly 80 years of experience in the engineering of cutting tools. TUNGALOY’s innovative R & D department continually strives to create new products for highly efficient and economic machining applications for the production needs of the 21st century, with a wide range of turning, milling and drilling products of highest quality, always devoted to new technologies and customer demands.

      Motion, speed, precision – this is the world of EWS Tool Technologies, where "Precision meets Motion" for static and driven tool systems for CNC-lathes. EWS offers the highest quality standards to ensure an optimal design of products in form and function in addition to a systematic investment in state-of-the-art production lines and methods for quality assurance in cooperation with external institutions.

      The INDEX Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines. With its INDEX and TRAUB brands, the Group offers the largest program for complete machining of turned parts, both for series and single-item production. Customers of INDEX turning machines include automotive industries, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics sectors as well as manufacturers of fluid technology and controls and instruments.

      Fukuda Corporation is a long-standing import firm specializing in machine technology, serving the Japanese machine industry by providing a wide range of exceptional quality accessory parts and equipment for machinery produced in Europe and North America. Fukuda also offers expert international training and seminars to further support their customer base.

      BENZ is a leading manufacturer and provider of components and systems for tool and machine technology worldwide. Specialists in CNC unit technology, our product portfolio includes development and production of cutting-edge tooling systems for lathes and machining centers used for working with metal, wood and composites.

      Dal Soggio s.r.l. is an Italian manufacturing company, engaged in satisfy its costumers requests with standard solutions, or on request, specifically designed solutions for the last 50 years. Dal Saggio provides both excellent and perfectly working products which is achieved through their dedication to high precision mechanics.

      Morse Cutting Tools is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of metal cutting tools for the USA market. Morse Inventories over 25,000 varieties of cutting tools to serve many of the nation's diverse industries and manufacturing sectors. Imagination, technological innovation and insistence on quality are built into every Morse product.

      MEC Precision provides exceptional CNC spindle and electric motor repair, maintenance and services to manufacturing customers across North America in a rapid and cost effective manner. We continuously invest in equipment and experts that help us provide the best quality and service to our customers and that aide our team in finding alternative solutions to every CNC problem.

      Schumantools srl is new company formed by professionals, with years of experience in the metalworking industry and specializing in inserts and tools plus custom-made machine tools and machining solutions designed to increase the efficiency of our customers' production system.

      REGO-FIX: The inventor of the ER collet introduces himself. Founded in 1950, the company REGO-FIX which is located in Tenniken, the Basel region in Switzerland, is an internationally active family business with over 280 employees and has been producing and selling high-precision tool clamping systems for over 65 years. The company has sales partners in 50 countries and subsidiaries in the USA, China, Japan, Brazil and Southeast Asia. The products are successfully implemented in the automotive, aerospace, mold and die, machine tool, medical, telecommunications and watchmaking industries.

      MADAULA S.A., Precision Engineering, has over 60 years of experience in the machine-tool accessories. Constantly evolving with the latest technologies, designs and manufactures innovative high quality products. They are experts in design of angle heads, live tooling, spindle speeders, multispindle heads and special applications. With great experience, they are able to meet the specific needs of each sector, with standard and special products. MADAULA work's to ensure optimally designed, precise, robust and durable products.

      DIXI Polytool S.A. specializes in the production of tungsten carbide and diamond cutting tools as well as precision reamers. The company is based in Le Locle since 1946. In 2014, the premises have been completely renovated and enlarged. DIXI practices Lean Manufacturing and is commitment to the sustainable development.

      Since its founding in 1952, Uno Corporation, headquartered in Japan, has become a world leader in the cutting tool industry providing special carbide end mills and cutting tools for the metal processing industry. Uno is highly respected in the automotive, aviation, construction, and electronic components industries, which demand especially high accuracy.

      With years of experiences in machine tool industries, KTS is a manufacturer and provider of the components which have innovative and independent technologies.
      They provide not only products but also the most effective solutions to increase machining productivity and improve machining quality of the customers throughout the country in Korea.

      Gaspa Grane Sl is a Spanish company, situated in Barcelona, with more than 30 years of experience in the machining sector, which is represented by internationally renowned firms in the world of cutting tool production and machining in general. The company focuses on process optimization, and developing innovative solutions and strategies for sectors such as the automotive, medical and aerospace, among others.

      DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of machine tools, peripherals and systems, offering a combination of innovative power and engineering expertise plus a unique product portfolio in machine tool building. DMG MORI SEIKI products include innovative high-tech machines and services, as well as software and energy solutions. Representing tradition, precision and technological leadership on a global scale, DMG MORI SEIKI is one of the largest machine tool builders in the world.

      German Tech Auto Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, the company is headquartered in Taipei. The company cooperates with a number of world-renowned German companies to pursue "thinking, innovation, hard work, and teamwork". It is committed to the professional agency and high-quality technical services of precision machinery.

      Israel's leading distributor and marketer of cutting and milling tools, abrasives, personal safety products, drilling and sawing tools, adhesives and oils, sealants, measuring, marking and leveling tools and tools for industry. Offering a wide variety of products, all of the highest standard and quality, perfectly suited for any industry requirment. Hashahal is committed to providing the most advanced products of the highest quality for Israel's leading metal shops and factories.

      Over 30 years of expertise in CAM development and applications in the major 3D mainstream CAD systems, SolidWorks and Inventor, have established SolidCAM as leaders in Integrated CAM. SolidCAM has the Certified Gold-product status from SolidWorks and provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to the SolidWorks design model. InventorCAM has Autodesk certified product status and provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to the Inventor design model.

      MachiningCloud is a machining industry-wide IIoT resource from the world’s leading suppliers, designed to fast-track the process of creating tool assemblies. The platform allows direct access to tooling data and speed & feed recommendations that can be read directly into CAM software.

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