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About Colibri

First established in 2003, Colibri has rapidly risen from a niche industry into a world leader in advanced high-speed spindle technologies and solutions; specializing in the design and manufacture of compact, coolant-driven spindles, operating with minimal vibrations and run-out. The HSM Jet Spindle, (trade names SPINJET and Typhoon), is a real game changer - utilizing innovative, cost-saving coolant-driven technology and real-time RPM monitoring, to cut machined parts with far greater speed and accuracy than ever before. Colibri is also leading the way in the development of new spindle configurations, applications and accessories for the smart way to operate.


Over the years, Colibri has earned a reputation for quality, precision and customer care. The company is committed to customer service and product quality, which includes timely delivery and immediate response to customer inquiries. We pay extra special attention to design, quality, dimensional accuracy, finishing, aesthetics, inspection and packing, with the intention of eliminating rejects or returns. Colibri customers include some of the world’s most respected names in the machining industry.


Colibri is continuously engaged in high-level R&D projects with the aim of improving existing technology and introducing new innovations to the metal machining industry; including complimentary applications and accessories for the “smart way” to operate. Products are specifically engineered to meet the extreme demands of high-speed machining environments, where accuracy and repeatability is a must. Colibri also offers solutions for turn-key projects including sub-assemblies and custom applications.


All parts of the Colibri HSM Jet Spindle assembly for the SPINJET/Typhoon product line, are produced in-house at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Stringent measuring and inspection of all spindle components, ensures manufactured parts are in accordance with specifications for tolerance and fit. Our customers receive the consistent quality they expect from Colibri Spindles - from raw materials to packaged product. Colibri is ISO certified, working under strict regulations and conforming to the highest industry standards. >>>

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