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Jet Spindle Certified Service Centers

In a new initiative to provide better and quicker service to Colibri Jet Spindle Partner End-Customers, we have put in place a service center certification program (standards and guidelines) to certify regional Jet Spindles Service Centers.

Jet Spindle Certified Service Centers are trained and certified by us to replace Colibri Jet Spindle drive systems, which involves the following requirements:

  • Using only original Colibri Jet Spindle Drive Systems that are factory produced, assembled, balanced and aligned.
  • Replacing all gaskets with original Colibri Jet Spindle Gaskets.
  • Sealing Test using approved air pressure test equipment.
  • Correct unit cleaning, greasing and use of sealants.

Jet Spindle Certified Service Centers provide the following services to Colibri Partners and End-Customers:

Shortest Delivery time

  • Receiving, diagnostic, report filing within 24-48 hours.
  • 4-5 working days turnaround from order acceptance.
  • Sustained available spare parts stock (Jet Spindle Original Drive Systems, Sensors, and Gaskets)

Colibri Quality Guarantee

  • Repairs and service only with Colibri Certified Sub-Systems.
  • Assembly and testing according to Colibri’s Guidelines.
  • Report to Colibri on every S.N. Served
  • Replaced Parts must be classified with their Jet unit S.N. and return to Colibri Spindles, Israel.


  • Support Colibri’s Priority for Service at an Affordable Cost.

We have already certified two Jet Spindle Certified Service Centers in both Europe and North American (details above) and we are in the process of certifying additional Service Centers, including ones located in Asia.

Please feel free to contact our Certified Service Centers directly:


Carbide Tool Services, Inc.

1020 Lund Boulevard Anoka

MN 55303

Toll Free 800-243-9577

Phone 763-421-2210

Fax 763-421-2686



Dal Soggio SRL

Via A. Volta 62 – 36010

Zanè – Vicenza

Tel. 0445 314051

Fax 0445 314301

P.IVA 00876640244


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