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Jet Spindles Industry Guide – Medical

This brief 2-page medical guide will provide you will the medical parts, processes and tools recommended, when working with Jet Spindles.

Covering the most popular applications, the guide gives you the critical selling points, as well as a comparison to competing technologies, based on installation, setup, runout and pricing details.

A few things that are important to know about the medical devices industry:

  • ISO 13485: Safety and quality are NON-NEGOTIABLE in the medical devices industry.
  • Quality of finish of metal implants “bone, screw and dental” is paramount.
  • Medical parts demand very high surface finishes & precision milling.

Jet Spindle speeder use the machines high pressure coolant (+15BAR) as a free source of energy to provide 25,000 – 55,000 RPM High speed machining at very low run out – 3 microns at length of 3D, on the tool tip.

Medical industry processes covered in this guide, include:

  1. Bone screw torx head & screw support milling
  2. Bone plate holes & profile finishing
  3. Dental implant abutment shaping & threading.

Link to Jet Spindle Medical Industry Guide

For more in depth information please contact your POC at Colibri Spindles, for more details and assistance.

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