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Turning & Milling

Fast - Flexible - Accurate

High Efficiency Machining

The HSM Jet Spindle enables a wide range of semi-finishing and finishing machining applications for a variety of materials. Our current product line supports cutting tools with tool shank diameters of up to 7.0 mm. Colibri is continuously engaged in high-level R&D projects with the aim of improving existing technology and introducing new innovations in high-speed machining.

  • High rotation speed enables high feed rate and reduced machining time
  • Cutting tool dia. set according to the application
  • Optimized cutting speed and real-time RPM monitoring
  • High efficiency, precise and accurate table feed
  • Up to 70% faster and more efficient compared to original machine spindle

Partnering for Success

Colibri works in partnership with leading CNC machine and tool manufacturers, such as EWS Weigele GmbH & Co. KG and INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, in providing advanced manufacturing technology for a wide range of applications and processes, designed to maximize productivity and increase profitability for the end customer. See our partners

VIDEO >>> Milling Application on Lathe Machine by EWS: Coolant-Driven HSM Jet Spindle mounted on turret as active live tool.


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The HSM Jet Spindle is hard at work increasing productivity and profits in metalworking factories worldwide.
Contact us for further information about how our high-speed coolant-driven spindle technology can help you.

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