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SmartHUB Device Monitoring System

SmartHUB IoT Device Monitoring System

Wireless, real-time RPM monitoring, display and machine interface application for the HSM Jet Spindle

  • Gets accurate RPM data directly from the coolant driven spindle tool via 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Sends warnings directly to the CNC machine controller via electrical cable
  • Displays all operational data on one interactive APP via hand-held tablet
  • Monitors multiple spindles

SmartHUB System Configuration

Jet Spindle: Transmits real-time rotational speed of the spindle

  • The coolant-driven high-speed Jet Spindle attachment is equipped with an on-board sensor that senses each revolution of the spindle shaft as powered by the machine coolant
  • Accurate real-time rotational speed of the spindle shaft is transmitted by 2.4GHz to the SmartHUB device

SmartHUB: Mounted inside the CNC machine to interface with machine PLC

  • Connection/binding of Jet Spindle with SmartHUB
  • Connection to machine controller via electrical cable
  • SAFETY: I/O warning and safety signals wired to the machine PLC
  • Can be utilized for safety, productivity and maintenance warnings/alerts
  • Bluetooth connection with the display tablet

Display Tablet

  • IP68 Rugged PC Tablet: Slim, sealed, lightweight unit

Display Application

  • Lists operational status and physical position of HSM Jet Spindles installed in the ATC magazine
  • Displays and monitors: Spindle status – running or fully stopped, real-time RPMs + short-term RPM history screen,
    spindle transmitter battery levels + signal strength
  • Up to 4 spindles operating simultaneously
  • Warnings and alarms: Low/high RPM limits
  • Data that can be programmed manually: Adjustable low/high speed limits, cutting tool information, work station data,
    spindle serial number, machine identification data

SmartHUB In The News

DMG MORI Introduces Colibri’s Revolutionary New ‘SMARTHUB’ IoT Device
Monitoring System at the June 2016 IGA Innovation Days Event in Japan.


SmartHUB User Manual

Learn more about the SmartHUB ecosystem including a detailed
overview of features, installation instructions, FAQs and more.

Download SmartHUB User Manual

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